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(I wrote this entry on August 30, 2011, in a prior blog, but as is the case with EVERYTHING God teaches me, it seems every bit as relevant today as it was four years ago.) If you were at Sonrise Church this past weekend, you heard a great sermon from Pastor Eric on why we … Continue reading Archives: Lewis on Trials


The Bachelor

I am happily married, therefore, I watch The Bachelor. This week’s episode was known as the “women tell all” episode, where several months of passive-aggressive backstabbing between 25 women living in the same house while dating the same guy is hashed out live on camera. What could go wrong? To recap, in case you missed Monday's/any … Continue reading The Bachelor

Timbers Unveil 2015 Kits

The Timbers have officially released their new 2015 jerseys. My first thought is that I am not a huge fan of the white chevron in the middle of the shirt, but I'm also willing to reserve judgement until I see the matching spandex pants and bicycle helmets.