All Hopped Up!

Tonight, I finally made it to my first Hillsboro Hops game of the season. As a part of Farmers Insurance's summer event, I got to take my wife and son to the game. Unfortunately, the Hops fell 7-1 to the Boise Hawks, but while sitting on the first base side of the infield, two rows … Continue reading All Hopped Up!


The Beauty Of Baseball

We are far beyond the point in the year that I start losing interest in the Major League Baseball season, because the Seattle Mariners are typically out of it by now. This year, great expectations were heaped onto the team that missed the playoffs by 1 stinking game in 2014. That team went out and … Continue reading The Beauty Of Baseball

Timbers Unveil 2015 Kits

The Timbers have officially released their new 2015 jerseys. My first thought is that I am not a huge fan of the white chevron in the middle of the shirt, but I'm also willing to reserve judgement until I see the matching spandex pants and bicycle helmets.