We’ve all been through the occasional YouTube vortex, where you go from watching a particular video intentionally, to spending 4 hours clicking on related videos.

Oh… just me?

Anyway, one of my favorite things to do on YouTube is to watch people perform cover versions of songs I happen to be into at the moment. It’s always fun to hear a fresh take on a good song, especially when it’s something I’m able to learn on my acoustic guitar.

This song is my current earworm:

In a shock to nobody, the first cover of this song I came across was that belonging to cover song extraordinaire Walk Off the Earth (WOTE). And typical WOTE it was, with their quirky instruments, choreographed moves, and Beard Guy in the back doing nothing important. Here’s WOTE’s cover of “Closer”:

Finally, and again unsurprisingly, the most prolific cover band that I know of, Boyce Avenue, performed a more straight-forward version of the song along with Sarah Hyland (yes, that Sarah Hyland. Who knew she could sing?). These guys knock every song out of the park, because Alejandro’s voice is essentially flawless, his guitar has a rich sound, and their arrangements are tasteful. Here is the Boyce Avenue version:

Here’s where you come in.

Who covered the song better between WOTE and Boyce Avenue, and why?

I may try to do this every Friday, but until next time, enjoy the music!


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