The time has finally come.

After a year-long process, the first In-N-Out burger store in Oregon is set to open September 9th, according to That Oregon Life. The 304th In-N-Out will be located in Medford, OR at 1968 Crater Lake Highway near the Rogue Valley Mall.

I cannot express how excited I am to have my next In-N-Out burger in the state of Oregon. I’ve become aware that many people don’t care about In-N-Out, which I’m assuming is do in large part to people like me hyping it up. That’s fair, and if given the option to have any cheeseburger from any restaurant at any time, I would probably sometimes choose Helvetia Tavern, but in my humble opinion, other fast food cheeseburgers pale in comparison. You just cannot beat the fresh ingredients and flavor.

Now, I’m somebody who doesn’t even like seeing movies on opening weekends because of how packed the theater is, so of course I won’t be in Medford when the restaurant opens, but next time I’m down in Grants Pass for an extended weekend visiting family, you had better believe there is a going to be a trip to Medford.

Lunch from Day 1 of Beth’s and my honeymoon in San Diego, CA

10 thoughts on “Oregon’s First In-N-Out To Open in September (!!!!!)

  1. They made a fatal mistake in Oregons first In N Out location. It has the absolutely shortest drive thru you have ever seen for an In N Out drive thru. I reside in Southern Oregon, but work in mid California. Most of the entrances and drive thrus at the California In N Outs are made to accommodate a fairly large volume of traffic. I’m sure Medford’s planning department had a hand in it. The town that never gets anything right on their first thru third times. Although probably some method to their madness with somebody making a buck on all those follow up changes down the road. As a resident of Southern Oregon I’m glad that I rarely have to venture into Medford. I will give it some time, but will eventually make it to place and order at our In N Out. Long time coming and I hope the consistency is there.

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    1. Thanks for the heads up! I don’t live down there, but when we go to Grants Pass to visit my wife’s family, I’ll go to Medford, even if it means a whole day of shopping once we’re there. 🙂


  2. Burgervile is far superior and supports local farms! Their fries taste like fries, no fluffy cardboard. I will stop here I’m sure, but come on — at least mention our awesome, delicious local fast food joint?!


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