I just can’t shake it.

I am about to enter into day 3 of the song “Take On Me” by A-Ha rattling around in my head. Since it won’t go away on it’s own, I set out to find some horrible covers of the song in the hopes that I would have my “A-Ha” moment**. The moment where I realize that this song is awful and should be discharged from memory immediately.

My plan failed miserably.

The problem with YouTube is that it always keeps me longer than I intended to stay. While I was there, I found plenty of awful covers of Take On Me, but it seems like for every bad one I found, there were 3 or 4 good ones.


I went through my MxPx phase in Middle School, so I promise that I come from a position of wanting to embrace this nugget from them…

…but yeah.


Sara Bareilles is alright, but this arrangement was lame, and I’m not a fan of the scatting. You said you’re not gonna write me a love song, Sara… maybe don’t cover them, either?

I can enjoy me some ska every once in awhile, but this was just a bit too much. It’s not terrible, but I found plenty of others that I just enjoyed more than this cover by Reel Big Fish. Bonus points for BASEketball though.


The first one is an easy choice. One word:


This kid has done many an acoustic cover, and he never disappoints. I won’t be playing like this when I’m 40, much less right now, and he’s just a teen. I love me some finger-style guitar, and Sungha Jung is one of the best.

I’m not really a metal guy, but the Northern Kings have my respect on this one. Phenomenal vocals and shredding guitars.

I need to throw in a rhythm acoustic cover too, since it’s the only version I’d ever have a shot at learning. Also, YouTube comments normally destroy brain cells, but I’d like to echo the sentiment of the guy who posed the question:

“Why are bearded people so awesome?”

I am obligated to answer with “Chuck Norris”.

I leave you with one more. This isn’t a cover per se, but it’s what they call a “literal version” of the song. The video is the actual real music video from the song, but the words are changed so that the video makes more sense. Enjoy!

** – (See what I did there?)


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