I have the worst blogging habits.

Let me explain:

At this point, I cannot count the number of blogs I’ve started, to only abandon them a short time later. See, I enjoy blogging about a subject I’m passionate about (usually sports), and I also like the idea of maintaining a blog to the point where it gains traction with readers who share the same interests as I do.

Where I usually go wrong, is when I expect myself to publish something every day. It is impossible for me to meet that expectation with limited free time, not to mention the content can start to feel forced or stale after awhile.

Whatever the reason, I typically stop blogging after a short time, and find it difficult to just pick up where I left off each time.

The solution?

Welcome to The Occasional Postwhere I will occasionally be posting my thoughts on just about anything you can imagine, whenever time allows.

Expect nothing.

Those who know me won’t be surprised if/when this blog ends up being pretty sports-heavy, but I look forward to sharing random thoughts and hot opinions on other areas of life that are important, such as faith, culture, and current events.

Until sometime,



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